How Interior Designers Add Value
to Property Development

How Interior Designers Add Value to Property Development

In any property development project, generating buyer interest and excitement is a key step to selling homes quickly. One of the most effective ways to do this is by creating an interior design scheme that appeals perfectly to the target market. 

In this article, we’ll look at how interior designers add value to the property development process helping to provide maximum return on investment.

The importance of interior design when selling properties

Today’s homebuyers are more demanding than ever before. And while location, property size and transport links may all be important considerations for buyers; the interior design helps the buyer to make the emotional connection and ultimately drives sales.

It’s about more than simply the style of the interior décor; it’s about creating an aspirational lifestyle. That’s why it’s so important for property developers to work with interior designers to ensure the look and feel of the property matches the expectations of the target market. Staging a show home helps buyers imagine the lifestyle they can achieve, creating the heightened interest needed for developers to sell properties faster.

The benefits of working with an interior designer

An experienced interior design company that understands the objectives of property developers will bring a range of benefits to the property development process.

An interior designer can help property developers:

  • Establish exactly who the target market is and what they will be looking for when viewing a property.
  • Assess the effectiveness of proposed layouts to ensure they are designed with profitability and buildability in mind.
  • Recommend interior schemes that will generate excitement for potential buyers, maximising the value of a property.
  • Make their offering stand out in the local market, setting them apart from the competition.

When to bring in an interior designer?

The best time for property developers and interior designers to begin working together is right at the beginning of the project. This way the interior designer can ensure every decision is made with the buyer in mind. They can also help property developers maximise their budget and achieve the very best ROI.

Here are the different stages at which an interior designer adds value to a property development project:

Planning: Interior designers can work with architects and property developers to create attention-grabbing design schemes to drive interest in your early marketing. Experienced interior designers can also liaise with your print designers to ensure the interior designs and marketing collateral support and complement one another.

Implementation: The interior designer will work closely with the project manager to ensure design schemes are implemented correctly, providing support and managing the procurement of products. This helps keep everything on track, minimising delays.

Staging ready for sale: The interior designer works with the developer to stage the home ready for marketing.

If you’re planning a property development project and would like to find out how an interior design company can help you achieve your objectives, get in touch.

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